MOLOCH (darkwave / horror synth) is an electronic music act from Poland which dates back to 2006. The sources of inspiration in Moloch’s music can be found in the horror movies of the 80’s and 90’s and the works of artists such as John Carpenter, Christopher Young and Goblin. A dark ambient atmosphere, “wet” keys, aggressive bass and glass like sharp riffs are the hallmarks of Moloch’s music. It’s more than just sounds. It is a real journey into a different dimension, beyond the event horizon, to the other side …

Fabian Filiks, best known by his stage name Moloch is an electronic music / black metal artist based in Opole, Poland. His music is inspired by the works of John Carpenter and Christopher Young, sci-fi and horror movies from the last two decades of the 20th century.

Moloch’s music transcends genres blending samples, black metal guitar riffs and vintage synthesisers into a bizarre amalgamation that can easily be the soundtrack to the apocalypse. Since his debut album „Withering Hopes” in 2006 he has released five full length releases, two EP’s and a massive 2CD compilation album of his early work entitled „The Vatican Cellars”. During his career Moloch has worked with renowned musicians and producers, like Mike Wead (Mercyful Fate) or Arek „Malta” Malczewski (Behemoth) to name just few.

With the release of „The Other Side” Moloch has also opened a new chapter in his music career. Something that was long overdue and in a high demand – the live stage performances. Beginning in August 2018 with the biggest cities in Poland involved Moloch is ready to take his rightful position amongst the best…

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